Dutch Bengals

Dutch Bengals breeds for the love of the breed as a hobby with these special cats.

The sale of our kittens should therefore no commercial interest.
The purchase price to be received is destines to cover for costs incurred in rearing a litter.
As a buyer this supports the development of this great new cat breed.

All cats in our cattery allowed to roam freely.
They live are not in cages, benches or gardenhouses.
Our cats playing regularly sit outside in a modest nice outside run.

Our cats are used to people, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, television and (loud) music and are well socialized so they can convey this their little ones

Our cats are under constant supervision of our regular vet, 10 minutes from our reach.
We will never cut down on vet costs.

Our entire property is smoke-free.

Our breeding cats are tested before breeding FIV, FeLV, PKDef, PKD (via DNA) or come from tested (to) parent.
All our breeding cats are from HCM and PKD secure lines.

All our cats are fully wormed every 4 months and every 4 – 6 weeks preventative fleas.

We are a FIV, FeLV and PKD negative and HCM alert Cattery.
Of course you get us a decent warranty, which is included in our sales contract.

We, as loving breeder, placing our kittens usually prefer to real enthusiasts.
It is possible that we occasionally one of our kittens available for responsible, like-minded ‘in-home hobby breeder.
We find it unacceptable that there are still cats in cages and garden houses are held.
We know it can be different.
Usually live studs in catteries in cages or outside houses, and often alone or with two cages along together because that would be cozier.
It is for this reason that a our maleskittens not will end in breeding programs, or do we need to know how the cat comes to live and have seen it.
Our kittens are placed standard as pets.
However, if you are interested as a breeder, we can always consider individual applications.
Please notice this or to make to avoid disappointment as our kittens moving standard with a breeding ban mention on their own pedigree to their new owners.

For further questions or comments, please contact us via the contact page or just fill out your personal information below, then we will contact you shortly.